Sizcom technologies, being a trusted electronic repair center, offers you versatile services for AV receiver repairs. Well-set with the latest facilities, Sizcom carries out trusted AV repair service with utmost responsibility. Our experienced technicians are fully-fledged to carry out all kinds of repairs for different models of AV receivers. We will diagnose the faults and fix them, for we are much experienced in chip-level repairs. We provide you with the latest technology at our premises to give you the best-in-class services. We fix the internal components as well as the remote controllers of AVRs and recover them back to best working condition. Now get your AVR finely repaired from Sizcom technologies and enjoy using your home theater with no hassle.

AV Receiver Service Center in Calicut

Are you stuck with your faulty AV receiver? AV receiver If faults with your AV receiver prevent you from enjoying your home theater, don’t throw it away AV Receiver for Sizcom technologies will help you repair your AV receiver in no time.Contact us Let it be a grave issue with the internal components of the receiver,Sizcom technologies has the right tools to fix it and we’ll get it back to you faster. Bring your faulty AV receiver to us and witness a quick revival.Home theatres are one of exclusive device among home decors. Its necessity is inevitable and many of us depends on an exponential rate as we have already experienced its efficient effect, we experience with home theatres .As far as people is aware of home theatre, they must be aware of A/V receivers which is the vital nerve centre of your home theatre system. Are you a home theatre loving person? Do you suffer from A/V receiver issues? Don’t be panic just visit Sizcom technologies to find your absolute solution for all kind of complex issue you can face from. Sizcom Technologies have a handful of experienced technicians who are well experienced in dealing with all kind of A/V receivers and fix them in a short span of time. As they exhibit a host of essential functions, like decoding your DVD's surround sound formats, making them more attractive and catchier driving your loudspeakers, and switching between audio and video components. Our technicians never failed to preserve properly is function how hard its issue can be. A/V receiver also provide power amplifiers to drive loudspeakers and route the video to displays such as a television, monitor or video projector.The most attractive thing about an A/V receiver is that it has two main functions: firstly, it amplifies the sound so it can be fed to your speakers, and secondly, it allows you to select the audio and video you wish to watch. Sizcom Technologies keeps in mind the importance and value you give for your devices and return it with most care and well functioned