Sizcom Technologies Haier TV service center Calicut offers you a variety of repairing services for LCD, LED , OLED, Android and Smart TVs produced by Haier. Dexterous technicians at Haier TV service center Calicut are experienced at servicing every single segment of TVs and they are equipped with every bit of information and skills required for quicker Haier TV repairs. Well-organized with state-of-the-art facilities and adept technicians, Sizcom Technologies Haier TV service center Calicut is dedicated to provide reliable TV services for all models of Haier televisions at their best for you. We strive our best to give you great satisfaction from our repair services, for we aim at excellence not just in providing outstanding repairing services but also make up to the expectations and contentment of our customers.

Our quick services will make you fond of this center. Using our profound expertise, we give you the suitable solutions for all kinds of operating system related issues as well as general hardware issues like power related issues, screen damages, audio problems, Wi-Fi malfunctions, USB port issues, and more.Screen replacement , panel bonding and backlight repair are some of our services that come under screen repair services.

Our expert panel of technicians combines their improved technical skills with admirable hospitality to deliver quality Haier TV repair services. Our all-inclusive services include software services, hardware repairs like board repair, screen replacement services, sensor, button, speaker, along with software service. We ensure you finest services at reasonable cost and we assimilate our technical skills to provide quality services to you. We respect and value every single second of our customers and therefore we work hard to reduce the downtime to be awaited. Haier TV service center Calicut repairs your televisions as fast as possible with no decay in quality. Contact us to avail finest TV services.

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We repair/service your Haier tv at minimum affordable price.


haier tv service center in calicut

Haier Tv Screen Repair Calicut

Can’t watch TV due to screen defects? Let your TV be of any brand,Sizcom technologies will help you with diverse range of screen repair services. We provide you services like screen replacements, panel bonding and backlight repair. Our technicians provide screen repair services for any brand of LCD, LED, OLED or Smart TVs. We are dedicated to help you replace your TV screens with best quality screen selected meticulously from the store. Get a screen fix from us soon.

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haier tv service center in kozhikode

Haier Tv Port Repair Kozhikode

Do you face any issues with any of your TV ports? If you do, then walk in to Sizcom technologies TV service center and get it mended in no time. We are a one-stop solution for all your TV related services. We fix faults with HDMI ports, USB ports, AV port, Headphone jack, LAN Ethernet port, RF Antenna input port, etc. Our services are all-inclusive and we offer our services to all the latest versions of LCD, LED and Smart TVs.

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haier tv repair center in calicut

Haier Tv Speaker Repair Calicut

A TV with an unsound speaker makes its use so strange. If you are fed up with speaker defects in your latest TV,Sizcom technologies is ready to help you. We clear defects in your LED, LCD TV speakers using our adept skills and latest tools. We choose first-rate, compatible speakers for your TVs if they need a speaker replacement. Get your TV speaker issues fully solved from Sizcom technologies and watch your favourite programs with great sound clarity.

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haier tv repair center in kozhikode

Haier Tv Software Service Kozhikode

For your Smart TVs and Android TVs that are powered by softwares,Sizcom technologies provides the right kind of software solutions your TV require. We are well-equipped to provide software services like software upgradation, fixing software glitches, etc, for more than ten brands of televisions. Professionals at Sizcom Technologies ensure a quick software services that instills in you great satisfaction. Our dedicated technicians will get your TV revived by providing a thorough diagnosis of faults and doing suitable solution for them.

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haier tv service center in calicut

Haier Tv Button Repair Calicut

Did your TV buttons get impaired? If yes, then you can have a big deal of TV button repair services at Sizcom technologies. We extend our services for button repairs in remote controls and TV buttons for a variety of LCD, LED and Smart TV brands. We assure quality service delivery from our part and we strive to reduce the down time to be awaited. Faster services with great reliability make us a quite distinct TV service center in Calicut.

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haier tv service center in kozhikode

Haier Tv Sensor Repair Kozhikode

If you happen to face any problem with the light or IR sensor in your TV, you can get it repaired easily from Sizcom technologies Calicut. We provide right repair for your TV sensors and replace them with good-quality sensors selected carefully from the store. Let your TV be of any brand, we give the right solutions for your TV sensor issues. If any kind of sensor malfunction occurs in your TV,reach us soon to get the apt repair.

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haier tv service center in calicut

Haier Tv Board Repair Calicut

If you are stuck with any kind of board issues with your TVs,Sizcom technologies is here to help you with the finest board repair services. For your latest range of LCD, LED, OLED, Android TVs and Smart TVs, we provide all kinds of assistance for board repairs. Our board services comprise of Main board, Power board, T-Con board and inverter board repairs. Being much acquainted with every kind of board repairs, we provide a faster fix for TV issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Press and hold the menu button on the side of your Haier TV for about 15 seconds. This will result in a menu to pop up on the screen, asking you to give the date, time and location settings. Complete giving those details following the instructions that appear on the screen. On successful completion, the TV will reset to factory default.

To begin with, turn on your Haier TV. Then press and hold the TV and SEL buttons for 3 seconds. Now point the remote at your TV and enter a 3, 4 or 5 digit codes. After that, press Volume+ button to complete.

First of all, unplug the cable connecting your TV and set-top box. Remove all the cables including the HDMI cable from your TV and wait for 2-3 minutes. Then, plug the HDMI and other cables back to the respective ports and turn on the TV and the set-top box.

A loose wire cable can be the reason for vertical lines on the TV screen. Sometimes, a gentle tap on the back of the TV may cause the nines to disappear. This is an indication of a faulty T-Con board or a loose cable.

Panasonic VIERA Plasma TVs are built to provide a panel life of up to 100,000 hours.

First of all make sure that the volume is up and the TV is not in mute state. If you find that the test picture and audio are shown correctly, then the issue can be with the external device or its connection to your TV.

To begin with, check the sound settings in your TV. Select the Settings menu and choose the Audio/Sound. From this menu, select the Sound Out option and select TV Speakers.

If you find that your Panasonic TV produces different shades of grey, it’s most likely due to the TV set in the Vivid setting. To check the issue, change the setting to Standard or Cinema.

A distorted picture can be caused by various reasons like loose connection, signal issue into the set top box, solar interference, etc.