Mi TVs have become one of the favourable TVs for viewers across the world. There are a variety of TVs produced by Mi like Smart TVs, LED, LCD, OLED, and Android TVs. If you are disappointed with faults with your Mi TV, Sizcom Technologies-Mi TV service center Calicut is all-set to give you the right repairing solutions for them. Mi TV service center Calicut is furnished with all the necessary technical requirements and latest facilities to cater to the needs of the customers who are worried about their faulty Mi televisions. Get all kinds of operating system related issues as well as general hardware issues like screen damages, power related issues, audio problems, Wi-Fi related issues, USB port issues, sensor malfunction, and the like.

Our technical expert team will combine their adept technical skills with worthy hospitality to deliver quality Mi TV repair services. Our diverse services include software services, hardware repairs like board repair, screen replacement services, sensor, button, speaker, along with different software services.Mi TV service center Calicut is furnished with the suitable repairing environment, backed with latest technical requirements and other facilities to cater to the needs of the customers who need different types of repairs for their faulty Mi televisions

From Sizcom technologies-Mi tv service center Calicut, you can avail the best repairing services for all kinds of Mi TVs. We ensure quality repairing services that include fixing minor issues like faulty remote controls to major issues like problems with the internal hardware or the software. Screen replacement, panel bonding and backlight repair are some of our services that come under screen repair services. We rectify defects with Mi TV sensors, buttons, speaker, and different ports. Moreover, we assist you in fixing board damages by providing faster services for main board repair, power board repair, T-con board service, inverter board repair.

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Xiaomi tv service center in calicut

Mi Tv Screen Repair Calicut

Get rid of all the issues with your Mi TV screen by getting the right fix from us. Why should you get annoyed with a blank screen, lines on display, or white screen issues with your Mi TV? Contact Sizcom Technologies to get a reliable Mi TV screen repair in Calicut. Qualified technicians carry out screen replacement for any model of your Mi TV if there is a need for replacement. Choose us if you are craving for a reliable service.

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Mi Tv Port Repair Kozhikode

Do not get upset if you happen to face hardware issues with your Mi TV port.Sizcom technologies - Mi tv service center Kozhikode is here to provide you with reliable services for Mi tv port repair in Calicut. We fix issues with various ports in your Mi TVs like the HDMI port, power port, USB ports, audio and video input and output ports, etc. Qualified technicians at Sizcom Technologies will carry out quicker services for Mi tv port repair and recover your TV in no time.

mi tv repair center in calicut

Mi Tv Speaker Repair Calicut

Does your Mi TV fail to give you a flabbergasting sound experience? For all sorts of speaker issues with your Mi TV,Sizcom technologies - Mi tv repair center Kozhikode provide the right Mi TV speaker repair services in Calicut. We help you with speaker replacement facilities if there is a need for it. We ensure quality speaker repair services for any make or model of Mi TVs. We are all-set with the right tools and professional skills to provide a reliable Mi TV speaker repair.

mi tv repair center in kozhikode

Mi Tv Software Service Kozhikode

Do you need a software service for your Mi TV? If you face any kind of software issues with your Mi TV, like issues after a software update or the TV not booting up properly, make a visit to Sizcom technologies - Mi tv repair center Calicut and we will fix it right. We ensure timely services for Mi TV software repair with nothing short of good quality. We are fully fledged with latest tools and qualified technicians to give away reliable Mi TV software services.

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Mi Tv Button Repair Calicut

Let it be a defect with thee power button, volume button or menu button, we provide the apt repair service in no time. Even though TVs are now controlled wireless, buttons in TVs are one of the essential parts of them.Sizcom technologies -Mi tv service center in calicut provide diagnosis and checking of the issue with buttons in any model of your Mi TV. We do our job as fast as possible so that you get your TV back with nothing lost from good quality.

mi tv repair center in kozhikode

Mi Tv Sensor Repair kozhikode

Do you face issues with tour Mi TV sensors? If you do, then keep calm and bring your TV toSizcom technologies . We provide you with the apt solutions for hardware issues with various sensors in latest Mi TVs. We provide faster and secure services for Mi TV sensor repair in Calicut. Most TVs come with motion sensors, infrared sensors, etc. If you find issues with any of these sensors,we repair and if needed, replace them with top-quality spares.

mi tv repair center in calicut

Mi Tv Board Repair Calicut

Now say good bye to board issues with your Mi TV. Visit Sizcom technologies and dive in to the world of comprehensive Mi TV board repair services. You need no worry if anything worse happened to your Mi TV that requires a board repair to deal with. We ensure you a quality service for Mi TV board repair in Calicut and recover your brand new Mi TV back to its glory as fast as possible.Contact us for a reliable service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can usually repair Mi TV in almost every case.

No. The TV hardware is designed keeping in mind the voltage fluctuations in India.

Patch Wall is Xiaomi's customer user interface for smart TV devices. It is available on all Mi TV models, regardless than of whether they run on Google's Android TV platform or not. Patch Wall is also included on the company's Mi Box devices.

Hard reset Xiaomi smart Tv by using keys Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the device. While holding the button, plug the power cord back in and continue holding the button until you see “Google” on your TV. When an Android on and the words “Normal Boot” show up, press the reset button once.

A. Mi Smart LED TV has Am logic Cortex A53 Quad core processor clocked up to 1.8GHz and the graphic processor is Mali-T830 MP2 clocked up to 750 MHz are available here.

Yes, you can wall mount the TV.

No. The TV doesn’t have an app store in India. Xiaomi is working on the best way to get app access to their customers.

The Mi TV is one of the sleekest high-end TVs that money can buy. I am still wondering why it costs as much as it does and punches way above its weight, for what it's worth. Simply put, you simply can't find yourself, a better deal.

No, do not make such mistake of unboxing Mi TV by yourself. The tv inside may be broken, especially in the case of Mi 43inch LED TV. If the service engineer unboxes it and finds it broken, then you can get a replacement, otherwise, you are liable for damage.