Craving for a musical keyboard service? Why think twice of you have best services keyboards instruments at Sizcom technologies Calicut. Services for all musical instruments are available here. You can avail musical keyboard service for a variety of brands like Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Korg, Kawai, Kurzweil, Logitech and more. Professional technicians who are very well versed at all musical instrument services are available at Sizcom technologies. Musical keyboard instruments are not to be serviced at ordinary repair shops. Rather, a musical keyboard should be repaired from the experts in such services and not amateurs. We give you the opportunity to get the apt services for all keyboards instruments. Musical keyboards of world-class brands are serviced here. We serve you with a wide range of services ranging from replacement of keys to the extent of internal board services. All musical instruments that are working on electronics need to be dealt by professional electronics technicians who are specialised in repairing such instruments. Whether it be a minor or major issue with your musical keyboard, give us our turn to make you happy. We provide reliable services for various keyboards instruments and do our best to recover back them to all their glory.


Musical Keyboard Service Center


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Now dive in to get the apt Kawai keyboard service you seek for. Sizcom technologies will help you fix any kind of issue pertaining to your Kawai keyboard. Kawai is one of the best brands manufacturing musical keyboards and a Kawai keyboard needs attention that it deserves. Top facilities, tools and technicians are available at Sizcom technologies to ensure the apt repair services for Kawai keyboard. We provide services even to the worst of issues with Kawai keyboard and we're specialised in providing complete board repair services at faster pace.


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Sequential keyboards were founded in 1974 by acclaimed instrument designer and Grammy winner Dave Smith. Dave created the Prophet-5 in 1977, which was the world's first fully programmable polyphonic synthesiser and the first musical instrument with an incorporated microprocessor. It was manufactured from 1978 to 1984 and was well received by musicians of many genres. The Prophet-5 pioneered programmed polysynths. Even today, almost all polysynth designs may be traced back to this ground-breaking instrument.


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Numerous musicians adore ARP synthesisers for their unique tone. The classic models, which were manufactured between the 1960s and the 1980s, had a huge effect on the future history of synthesisers as well as the wider history of music. ARP is still acknowledged as one of the top synthesiser brands today. The signal route of the ARP Odyssey had a significant effect on subsequent synthesiser makers. It set the benchmark for future generations, influencing even later polyphonic and digital synthesisers.


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There are numerous musical keyboard makers, and their goods are often affordable since the majority are assembled rather than handcrafted. Nonetheless, because of Yamaha's lengthy history in the music industry, they continue to manufacture extremely nice Yamaha keyboards that function well, especially for the price. They also have a built-in feature called the Yamaha education suit for beginners. Yamaha keyboards are one of the most competitive keyboard manufacturers on the market due to their cheap manufacturing costs and high-quality materials. Every piano has a cost-to-quality ratio.


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Alesis keyboards, recording studios, electronic percussion, and live sound equipment revolutionised the music industry with their unmatched enthusiasm for innovation. They are dedicated to creating tools that empower artists, producers, and engineers of all levels of experience to express their full creative energy. If there's one secret to their ongoing brand and the enthusiasm it inspires in artists, producers, and engineers, it's that they give experiences rather than just products and services. For all of the musical community at large, they’re committed to stimulating musical innovation and generating musical experiences.

Roland Corporation

Roland keyboards are fantastic due to their resemblance to genuine pianos. What they can give is a sound that so closely resembles the tone of a grand piano that you'd never be able to distinguish it if you closed your eyes. As a result, their stage keyboards are among the best on the market. Roland has a wide selection of keyboards, ranging from high-quality beginner stage keyboards to digital grand keyboards. The Roland digital piano is the only major brand where you can own and experience the sound of a concert grand piano.


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Kurzweil was named after the founder and chief strategy officer, Ray Kurzweil, who invented the first synthesiser that could accurately recreate the sound of an acoustic piano. It was the first electronic instrument to make use of samples of actual acoustic instruments. In terms of sound, feel, and utility as a master controller, Kurzweil keyboards have always been at the top of the stack. For starters, the programmes available on the keyboard are of greater overall quality than those offered by any other manufacturer.


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Casio is one of the world's biggest makers of digital pianos and electronic keyboards for everyone. Casio keyboards provide something to fit your requirements and your budget, whether you are a child, a student, a home player, or a professional musician. Casio keyboard pianos are made of durable and long-lasting materials. You have a decent chance of using the instrument for a long time if you take proper care of it. In terms of functionality, Casio keyboards are the finest. The keys react quickly to any effect.


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Korg keyboards are sturdy, but relatively expensive, instruments for experienced artists who do a lot of playing or travelling. Because Korg keyboards are typically created by other musicians, they have a significant creative advantage over their competitors. Korg began by producing simple keyboard synth designs but has now shifted its attention from digital pianos for beginners to experienced performers.Korg manufactures a wide range of digital instruments to meet a variety of musical purposes, including portable digital pianos and upright digital pianos