Philips took the market by storm by introducing superior varieties of Smart TVs. Philips, as an age old brand, is a recommended brand among customers who look for buying TVs across the globe. As time passes, it is possible for any electronic device to get affected by any kind of issues. If you are a Philips TV customer who is looking for a repair service in Calicut, Sizcom Technologies-Philips TV service center Calicut is here to give you all-inclusive service assistance. Philips TV service center Calicut provides you diverse repairing services including complex chip-level repairs, which are carried out by highly skilled technicians.

Professional technicians at Philips TV service center Calicut are well-versed at repairing every single part of TVs and they are equipped with every bit of information and knacks required for quicker Philips TV repairs. Well-established with the best-in-class facilities and adroit technicians, Sizcom Technologies-Philips TV service center Calicut is dedicated to provide cost-effective TV services for all models of Philips televisions at their best for you. Our technical expert team will combine their adept technical skills with worthy hospitality to deliver quality TV repair services.

Our diverse services include software services, hardware repairs like board repair, screen replacement services, sensor, button, speaker, along with software service. Sizcom Technologies-Philips TV service center Calicut provides comprehensive protection for your Philips TVs. We ensure you finest services at reasonable cost and we integrate our technical skills to provide quality services to you. We respect every single minute of our customers and thus we strive our best to reduce the downtime to be awaited by repairing your TVs as fast as possible with no decline in quality. Sizcom Technologies-Philips TV service center Calicut provides you affordable repair services for diverse models of modern TVs produced by various Companies including Philips.

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philips tv service center calicut

Philips Tv Screen Repair Calicut

Disturbed with lines on display issue in your Philips TV? Or do you find it embarrassing to move on with a TV with blank screen issue? Now rejoice! Sizcom technologies Calicut has prepared total solutions for Philips TV screen repair in Calicut. We carry out replacement of TV screens in various versions of latest LCD, LED and Smart TVs manufactured by Philips. A great team work is in play at Sizcom technologies, where dexterous technicians provide reliable Philips TV services.

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Philips Tv Port Repair Kozhikode

Why should you be troubled with Philips TV port issues if you have best solutions available in Calicut.Sizcom technologies Calicut helps you out from issues with various ports in your any model of LCD, LED, OLED, or Smart TVs made by Philips. A non-functional port can be very much annoying as it prevents you from connecting your TV to other devices. If you happen to face port issues with your Philips TV, keep calm and get a service from Sizcom Technologies.

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Philips Tv Speaker Repair Calicut

Now forget issues with your Philips TV speaker.Sizcom technologies will help you out from speaker issues with any model of your latest Philips TV. However latest the TV, it is nearly useless if its speaker is totally damaged. Sizcom Technologies will help you repair issues with Philips TV speakers in no time. A team of dexterous technicians is at play inside Sizcom Technologies. They provide you the right solution your Philips TV deserve. If you need a service, contact us soon.

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Philips Tv Software Service Kozhikode

Software glitches can occur accidentally in a Smart TV. The right thing to do in such a situation is to act in the right way by getting a fix from experts.Sizcom technologies provides you with a wide range of software level services for various makes and models of Philips Smart TVs. We carry out fixing of software issues that arise after updates, other software issues that get manifested in many forms, etc. We ensure quality services for your TV.

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Philips Tv Button Repair Calicut

Facing difficulty in operating your Philips TV buttons? Don't worry; keep calm and get a quick button repair service from Sizcom technologies Calicut. Let it be any model of your latest Philips TV, we shall help you with the apt button replacement services for them. Issues may arise from power buttons, volume and menu buttons in Philips TVs.Sizcom technologies helps you out from issues with Philips TV buttons and give a faster and efficient recovery to your Philips TV.

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Philips Tv Sensor Repair Kozhikode

Sensor issues with your Philips TV can now be completely solved!Sizcom technologies has organised exceptional services for Philips TV sensor repair in Calicut. Let it be an LCD, LED, OLED, or a Smart TV, we provide the apt services for all kind of sensors in it. We have a team of qualified technicians that carries out reliable services for sensor hardware issues with various models of Philips TVs. If you want a reliable service, feel free to contact us.

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Philips Tv Board Repair Calicut

Board issues with TVs are probably one of the most annoying issues the users may come across. If you happen to face motherboard issues with your Philips TV, keep calm and get a quicker Philips TV board repair from Sizcom technologies Calicut. We're fully-fledged fledged to ensure a faster recovery to your any model of Philips TV. We provide board repair services for different variants of Philips TVs like LCD, LED, OLED and Smart TVs. Get your TV fixed soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, press the Menu button in your remote. Select the Settings on your TV by pressing the cursor down. Select the Reset AV Settings from the Settings menu. Then select Start Now option and click OK to confirm the reset.

A red light on the front blinks continuously when the TV is unable to turn on or when it continuously shuts down unexpectedly. If you find that your Philips TV is flashing red, it means that the TV has entered into protection mode and you need to reset the TV soon to get the issue fixed.

Connect your Philips Smart TV to the Internet. Take your remote control and go to Home option. Select Settings and choose the Update now option. Select OK to confirm.

A beep sound coming from your TV can be an indication of a damaged capacitor that interferes with the proper working of your TV. As capacitors are essential to turn on your TV, you need to replace it.

To Begin with, press the Home button in your remote and select Setup. Choose the Wireless option and press OK. Then go to Scan option and press OK. Now you need to select the network and press OK to confirm. Select Enter and press OK to complete.

If your TV has sound but no picture, then it can be due to a damaged power supply inverter board. It can be fixed from a service center.

To fix the volume on your TV, press the Menu button on your remote. Select the Settings and from the sub-menu that comes, choose Audio. Select Set-Top Box Volume from this menu and press OK to launch the audio volume control.

If you encounter such an issue, first check the status of connection. Ensure that your TV is connected to a Wi-Fi network by going through the following steps. Press the Home button, select Setup, then choose Installation settings, then go to Network option and you will reach the View wireless settings menu. If the status is given as Not connected, then Wi-Fi is not reaching your TV.

Point you remote towards your TV and press and hold the power button on the remote for about 5 seconds. Then, a message indicating power off appears. Now the TV reboots automatically. After about 60 seconds, the TV will turn on again.