LCD Tv service center in calicut

Liquid Crystal Display or Lcd Tv are thin and uses very less power when compared to plasma Displays.The working principle of Lcd is blocking of light.Any issues related to Lcd tv,Sizcom Technologies provides the best service and repairing of Lcd tv.


led Tv service center in calicut

LED Tv uses Light Emiting Diodes for screen display.led Tvs are based on the technology of Lcd Tv,despite the fact that Led uses smaller and effective diodes.If there is any problem with your Led tvs sizcom technologies is the best option for you.


Oled tv service center in calicut

Organic Light Emitting Diode or Oled are light weight when compared to LEd Tv. Oled creates its own illumination thus creating or giving life to what we see with our eyes.Sizcom Technologies have well trained expert technicians who will help your Oled tv get repaired.


Android tv service center in calicut

Android Tv runs on the android operating system built by google.You can download games,movies or browse easily when connected to wifi.When there is any issue with your android Tv,the leading service centre Sizcom Technologies are here to help you with.